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Digital Language Laboratory System

Our company has developed a microprocessor based digital language laboratory system keeping pace with the present era of globalization and the need for English and other foreign language. These are widely appreciated by all our clients as it comes with all well equipped facilities and amenities. We offer our range at competitive prices that are further explained in detail below:

Digital Language Labs


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We offer our clients with an extensive range of digital language labs with the prime objective to facilitate efficient teacher- student interaction to correct phonetic accents and dialects to be effectively used for business communication, official communication in booming tourism industries, talking to seniors, secretary, telephone operators, etc. Only with the help of a good language lab one can easily learn the different dialects and accents, so we ensure to offer our clients with the best.

Objectives for Language Lab:

Our main objective is to prepare the students to take up tests such as TOFEL, GRE, IELTS, NELTS and other foreign universities entry and edibility tests. We facilitate the following:

  • To think and speak in English.
  • To improve phonetic and pronunciation skill.
  • To develop effective communication skill.
  • To develop confidence to carry out a simpleconversation.
  • To conduct a focused discussion.
  • To look at issues from a critical perspective:
  • To asses them for theirmerits and de-merits.
  • To arrive at results based on studies and objective evaluation.

The Salient features of Digital Language Lab System:
Our systems are offered with various unique features that makes our range stand apart from all others. Our clients prefer our range as they possess the following:

  1. Life of the system: From 20 to 25 years if maintained properly.
  2. The system is based on digital switching technology unlike elector mechanical system. (In the antiquated analog system which has been discontinued 10 years before. Switches fitted in acrylic body) This makes the system very compact, easy to manage and maintain, as well as it provides noise free audio.
  3. Operation of the system so simple, that even a 1“ standard student can easily understand/operate. In the case of software loaded system one has to be computer savvy (both Teacher and student) which happens to be a costly affair.
  4. Instructor can communicate simultaneously with the entire student or with individual student.
  5.  Dual Channel facility (optional) In a common class if any of the students contacted with the master and the master allows the student to respond, which can be separately addressed and routed to second channel without disturbing the main program. This facility helps the instructor to provide main program to brighter students and vocal class to selected weaker students in the same class at a time.
  6. Individual can request to the instructor for the discussion through a call request switch provided in student unit, caller number indicator will be displayed in the master console. The entire request will be registered and instructor an answer while teaching or in convenient time.
  7. Instructor can send any audio programs*through the master console to individual, a group or to all students.(*internet, TV programs, DVD player or CD programs and computer.)
  8.  Instructor can monitor or listen to any student with or without the knowledge of the student.
  9. Per-Recorded audio from CD, Cassettes, DVD, TV programs, Internet etc. can be broadcaster to all the students.
  10. lnstructor can record voice or pronunciation for teaching.
  11. ln cassette recorder version students can play a programme cassette or records his/her voice to assess the improvement in pronunciation studies.

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Language Laboratory System


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We are prominent in offering our clients with an extensive range of Language Laboratory System for Digital language Laboratroy System.

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